Vokal Services.

Vokal Hosted Voice & Handsets.

Make the most of Vokal’s flexibility and cloud based solutions to meet current and future communication requirements. Eliminate the need for costly hardware, configuration and setup.

Vokal Managed Data & MPLS.

Vokal Enterprise grade data network comes with expert Australias-based support that accessible to business of all sizes. Maximize performance, productivity and security with our network that’s dedicated only for businesses.

Vokal Business Inbound Numbers.

In addition to a nationwide presence, inbound numbers or phone words provide your customers with a professional and consistent point of contact. Vokal provides options to choose new or keep existing inbound services in the form of 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers.

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Make the most of Vokal’s flexibility and cloud based solutions
to meet current and future communication requirements.

Voice + Data, now easy with Vokal.


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