Vokal MPLS Managed Secure Networks.

What is MPLS Managed Secure Networks?

Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a form of traffic routing that provides a secure and resilient private network for inter-site connectivity. Vokal’s managed or self-managed services offer coverage between Australia, New Zealand, and the selected international sites with none of the costs or complexities that come with owning your own infrastructure.

When is MPLS suitable?

MPLS services provide a vast range of network benefits ranging from lowered complexity, centralization, optimized data transfer and enhanced security between multiple sites.

Lowered Complexity.

Vokal’s MPLS solutions dramatically reduce the complications in having multiple networks. Each connection to an office or branch will be managed over a router as opposed to requiring separate firewalls. MPLS solutions offer network connectivity regardless of how many sites there are.


Previous VPN solutions involve multiple firewalls and security protocols that are not only costly, but also present more access points that are exposed to security threats. A centralized MPLS system will allow for a single internet-facing gateway where all traffic coming in and out of the network can be monitored and secured effectively.

Optimized Data Transfer.

Vokal’s MPLS solutions offer inter-site connectivity with dedicated pathways for data transfer. The security of a private network comes in addition to effective routing of internal traffic as data is not required to interact with the internet – and all its speed and security limitations.

Vokal’s dedicated team of Project Managers, Network Engineers, Account Managers and Support Technicians provide the longevity and reliability of our MPLS solutions that go beyond seamless deployment.

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