Vokal Mid-Band Ethernet.

Vokal Mid-Band Ethernet.

Vokal’s Mid-Band Ethernet (MBE), also known as Ethernet over Copper (EoC), provides business grade network access over traditional copper infrastructure. Compared to consumer grade ADSL links, Mid-Band Ethernet uses multiple copper pairs bonded together to deliver a powerful and resilient link that allows for symmetrical speeds up to 80Mbps.

When is MBE suitable?

Business grade networks utilizing copper experience less contention meaning you receive maximal performance. A growing number of organizations are producing as much data as they consume, enjoy symmetrical upload and download speeds to power your internet requirements.

With symmetrical performance on a dedicated business network, MBE bridges the gap between the latest in fibre optic technology and traditional ADSL. Due to MBE’s use of multiple copper pairs, reliability is an added feature as connectivity will still be available in the event of one pair going down. As with the nature of copper cabling, ageing lines are prone to electrical

interference, distance, humidity and corrosion which leads to inconsistencies in quality. MBE is a low-cost alternative to fibre and is more widely available, this means MBE is suitable for use until your organization is ready to upgrade to newer technology. Contact us today to discuss your data needs.

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