Vokal Hosted Voice.

Vokal Hosted Voice & Handsets.

Make the most of Vokal’s flexibility and cloud based solutions to meet current and future communication requirements. Eliminate the need for costly hardware, configuration and setup.

vokal yealink t49g handset

Yealink Handsets.


vokal yealink w52p handset

Yealink Handsets.


vokal yealink t48g handset

Yealink Handsets.


vokal yealink cp860 conference phone

Yealink Handsets.


vokal yealink t46g handset

Yealink Handsets.


vokal yealink t42g handset

Yealink Handsets.


What’s great about Vokal’s Hosted Voice services?

Call Rates.

All lines come with unlimited calls to local and national landlines. We offer the flexibility to add mobile bolt-ons for each user if required.


Discover the endless possibilities of making and receiving calls from any location with a single identity. Enjoy phone features on any supported desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Advanced Features.

Customize different call features that are most relevant to each user or site. Our advanced features come as optional add-ons and include enterprise grade capabilities.


Our dedicated team of Sydney based Project Managers and Technicians handle everything from handset configuration through to unique feature setup.


Vokal is here to answer any questions you have along the way. We provide professional training for more detailed knowledge of our features and services.

Automatic Updates.

Vokal offers automatic updates to ensure you receive the latest in telephony features in pace with today’s fast moving world.

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Make the most of Vokal’s flexibility and cloud based solutions
to meet current and future communication requirements.

Voice + Data, now easy with Vokal.


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