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What is ADSL?

At the start of the century, ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) pioneered the delivery of fast and cost-effective internet access over traditional copper telephone lines. ADSL allowed for typical internet usage of video, audio, messaging and email services. As the dynamics in data requirements grows amongst consumers and businesses, the limitations in ADSL connections may not always be ideal.

When is ADSL suitable?

ADSL links are the most commonly available type of internet link. The NBN’s replacement of traditional copper lines means ADSL is soon to be phased out. Many homes and businesses today still experience the pros and cons of ADSL links.

If you are a small business, an ADSL link may be suitable for both internet and voice services,

however, this will depend on a range of factors (including copper quality and distance). Vokal is able to provide dedicated ADSL links for voice in addition to unlimited data. Contact us today to see what Vokal data services can do for your business.

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